Afternoon Scifi Movie Hour

This was originally submitted as a 2015 200 Word RPG entry. You can find the original entry here.

Create characters

Four friends each take a piece of paper.
Write a name and what you do on the paper: Each Character gets 3 health.

Create a monster

Take two dangerous animals, that smash their names together.
Mosquitosaur, Arachnocroc, Parhanamonkey.


A player picks a scene, describes it.
Each scene may only be used once.


Each character has a 5d10 die pool each scene. When all the dice have been rolled, scene ends.


Characters declares an action, roll 2d10 add the dice together, 10 or better succeeds. If the action is related to what they do roll 3 dice.

10s rolled return to the characters’ die pool.

A Success is described by the player.

Roll any doubles and the monster comes to wreck shit, the character loses a point of health.

When a character loses three health, the monster kills him/her.

Failure, Injury and death are described by the player sitting clockwise from the victim.

The monster requires 10 successful actions directly against it before it dies.