Phill level 3 Warrior

Character Basics
 Name  Phill Albuster
 Age  Middle Aged
 Race  Human
 Class  Warrior
 Diety  You worship Artemis, Goddess of the Moon

 Stat name  Value
 Brawn  3
 Athleticism  6
 Resolve  5
 Academics  5
 Knowledge  1
 Focus  1
 Leadership  3
 Attractiveness  1
 Mysticism  4
Secondary Stats
 Stat name  Current Value  Max Value
 Resolve Pool  40  40
 Focus Pool  12  12
 Mysticism Pool  28  28

 Elemental lore
 Animal empathy
 +3 damage from level
 Trained in hatchet by Don-Chard the weapon trainer.

 Connection Type  Connection Details

 Puffball like growths all over body which contain flammable spores.

 Ability Type  Ability Name  Short Description  Long Description
 Class  Warrior strike  You hit with skill, and power
  • Attribute: brawn
  • Difficulty Offense Vs armor of target
  • Costs: Myst and focus: 0
  • Common: You do normal damage
  • Perk 1: Stunn
  • Perk 2: Push back 1d4
  • Perk 3: add 1d10 damage
  • Critical: X 2 damage
  • Fumble: Use Combat fumble table
 Class  CLEAVE  If you kill your target you may strike another target.
  • Attribute: Athleticism
  • Difficulty Offense Vs armor of target
  • Costs: 1d6 Focus
  • Common: If you kill your first target you may roll damage for an adjacent target as well.
  • Perk 1: +1d6 damage on second target
  • Perk 2: Stun second target
  • Perk 3: Knock down second target
  • Critical: You do not even have to kill your first target you simply get to roll damage on the second target regardless.
  • Fumble: Use Combat fumble table
 Class skill:
 Necromancer  You dabble in the power of death, you like to play god with the energies that give us life. You usually smell like grave dirt and look like you have not slept in days. No one asked you to the prom.
  • Attribute: Academics
  • Difficulty Offense Vs armor of target
  • Difficulty Summoning: Vs 12 + modifiers
  • Difficulty Defense: Vs 12 + modifiers
  • Difficulty of Utility: Vs 12 + modifiers
  • Costs: Myst and focus by spell
  • Any spell you cast that has a DEATH element (IE: skeleton, skull, dead, etc) costs 0 Focus.
  • Common: You do normal damage
  • Perk 1: Stun opponent
  • Perk 2: Knock down.
  • Perk 3: Entangle
  • Critical: you raise one level 1d4 skeleton hero to assist you. It is armed with a 1.sword 3.mace 4.claws and does 1d6 damage.
  • Fumble: Use spell casting fumble chart

 Weapon Name  Damage  Attribute  Perks  Range  Skilled?
 Gladius  1d6  Athleticism  n/a  0  Yes

 Armor Name  Attribute  Score  Armor
 Plate mail  Brawn  12  15

 Fire poker
 Dragon eye (on a stick)
 Tyrian's Short Sword Buried flight. 1D6 damage (Super JUMP expands into a pole vault)(4 uses)
 The barons flute of sandy Words (no clue) 1d12 Dmg (2 uses) stun perk.
 Dark ring of eviscerating biting spikes (like a big ring.) (no idea what this does)
 Boots. Flaming swish. 1D6 charges (Fire KICK)
 Tiny Casket With flowers...
 Gold Crowns: 1159
 You hate taxes
 You have been hunting treasure so you live in fear
 You choose to start adventuring to attract followers

Spell Keyword Name

Story Points
Level 1:
  • Rode a wild wooden wasp
  • blew up a fiery spore pod on the paper bull.
  • Killed Malinski with a glass shard tornado brought on by a thundering bagpipe blast.
  • Transported old lady (Grey Hag) into the hills.
  • Fought the winged guardians.
Level 2:
  • Ripped out medium sized dragons eye when I killed it, then talked shit to the corpse
  • Stunned a maple syrup centaur.
  • Delivered Namal the Pale emperor of the swamp to “Jola six” his tomb, where we murdered and looted him.
  • Found a cool magic short sword
  • Got my arm snapped by a trap on a door, it's never going to be right again. -Disadvantage with left arm FOREVER
  • Cause that's what we need a bigger Devil...
  • I Jack slap a fleeing peasant retainer and rally’s the troops
  • Found magic item In the shape of a flute that drips sand..??
  • Destroyed horrific statue in the caves to the east.
  • Killed a Dwarf Crab with the “polish fire poker double ax handle blow”
  • Blew sand in the face of a mantacore, because “F* a manticore.”
  • Killed the Manticore by filling it's face parts with sand.
  • Retrieved the head of an unusual animal for the guy at the inn. Hunter Hollaway.
  • Delivered a letter into the central vault.
  • Killed a giant cursed plant with a kicked torch and the spores from a flammable zit! I freed a soul!
Level 3:
  • Found a wooden mask for a pasty gal named Dsriel